7 Must-Have Features to Look for in an Online Store Creator

B2B Pricing

By utilizing the B2B Pricing feature in dSPEEDup when setting up your online ecommerce store, you can operate both wholesale and retail transactions, with a primary focus on bulk sales. This includes implementing distinct pricing structures for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) customers. This strategic approach not only broadens your market reach but also optimizes revenue streams for your ecommerce/online store

Pincode Based Shipping

dspeedup provides the “Pin Code-Based Shipping ” feature, giving your ecommerce online store the ability to customize shipping charges based on delivery locations. This functionality allows you to get different shipping rates for various PIN codes, allowing for customized shipping costs that align with your preferences and your customers’ individual needs. This not only builds trust with customers but also helps retain them by avoiding excessive shipping costs.

Payment gateway

Receive direct payments in your bank account which is integrated with your ecommerce store without any additional deductions/transaction charges by  utilizing the easily available payment gateways such as Razor Pay, Ease Buzz, Stripe, Pay U Money, and CC Avenue to offer a wide range of convenient and flexible  payment options to your customers via credit cards, debit cards and netbanking.

Excel Upload

Elevate your inventory management with the capability to upload or update as many as 1000 products simultaneously. offering a readily available Excel template for your convenience in our online ecommerce user-friendly web dashboard This efficient method ensures a quick and seamless way to manage your product listings in your ecommerce store

Dedicated Business Coach

dSPEEDUp provides a dedicated account manager for all ecommerce stores, guiding you from the initial setup, successful launch, and ongoing maintenance to the continuous growth of your online business.

In addition to a dedicated account manager, dSPEEDUp offers tutorials and video resources to assist you in independently setting up and maintaining your ecommerce store without any technical knowledge or support . Even those without technical knowledge can successfully manage their online stores with the help of dSPEEDUp’s resources.

Banner Creation

Design and create  personalized and  aesthetically appealing  banners for your ecommerce store ,from  a wide  selection of pre-designed templates. Additionally, avail expert guidance in creating logos and banners for your   ecommerce store

built-in SEO

With our built-in SEO tools, you can quickly grow your customer base and increase sales in your online  ecommerce store. These tools help you adjust titles, descriptions, and web addresses for blog posts, pages, products, and collections. They also let you refine your website’s content and images, leading to better SEO results

Our platform effortlessly integrates with widely-used SEO tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, significantly enhancing the optimization and performance of your ecommerce store

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