How to sell organic soap online 

Mastering the skills for starting an online organic soap-making business doesn’t necessitate pampering your skin extensively

The Organic Soap Market size is expected to grow from USD 0.72 billion in 2023 to USD 1.10 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 8.74% during the forecast period (2023-2028).


In recent years, the skin care industry has undergone remarkable transformation due to the modern-age technology and ever-growing demand for natural solutions. This has resulted in the introduction of innovative products, particularly in the skincare industry, encouraging a significant number of individuals throughout the world to use chemical-free soaps

Starting an organic soap-making business is easy, with minimal initial costs, and it offers great creative satisfaction. Becoming skilled in crafting organic soap is not only financially rewarding but also leads to a business that is both viable and easily scalable.

If you are talented in making organic soaps that make your loved ones skin feel amazing  , there’s a chance to earn a good income by selling them online. If you’re interested but uncertain about how to get started, keep reading the step-by-step guide

“A Comprehensive  Step Guide to Starting Your Organic Soap Making Business”

let’s jump into how you can start earning as an organic soap entrepreneur. Here are the steps to successfully launch your online organic soap-making venture:

Step 1: Research and Niche Selection

Starting any business begins with thorough research. Understand the needs of your target audience , their preferences, and the specific niche you aim to serve. Are you focusing on sensitive skin, luxurious spa soaps, or exploring entirely unique approach?

“Finding your niche is like discovering a hidden gem in a crowded marketplace.”

·       What is the goal or purpose of your brand?

·       Competitor analysis

Identify your competitors, what kind of organic soap are they making, and consider how you can differentiate yourself from them?

·    “What makes your product stand out from the rest?”

·       What is the top-selling organic soap in the market

·       What is the cost price and capital investment required?

·       What profit margin are you aiming for per unit ?

·       Which is the best online selling strategy for your organic soap

Keep in mind that the decision you make at this stage will shape your business branding and marketing efforts in the future.

Step 2: Mastering the Art of organic Soap Making

Soaps produced from plant-based oils and butters, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are expensive but they are enriched with  nutrients and vitamins that are gentler and healthier for the skin and hair compared to the commercial soaps made from animal fats  

Most market soaps lack glycerin, causing dryness on the skin. This prompts the need for additional moisturisers and lotions, as glycerin, a costly ingredient, is primarily used in expensive cosmetics

Shea butter can also be used to neutralise any residual lye, ensuring  the soap is moisturising, safe and gentle for all skin

To ensure our soap is gentle on the skin and hair, we add Shea butter after saponification, which neutralises any remaining lye, making the soap moisturising and safe for all, including those with various skin types

Step 3: Sourcing Quality Ingredients

Selecting the right ingredients is essential in producing premium organic soaps. Make sure to choose organic oils, butters, herbs, and essential oils sourced from reputable and trustworthy suppliers. Establish relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure the integrity and quality of your final products.

Step 4: Crafting Unique Soap Recipes

Create a collection of soap recipes that connect with your target audience. Think about the story you wish each soap to tell, whether it is about relaxation, rejuvenation or nourishment.

“There are no limits to your creative potential.”

Develop Unique Soap Formulations for different skin types and preferences. Consider offering unscented options for sensitive skin, luxurious blends with exotic oils for a spa-like experience, and specialty soaps for specific skin types.

Step 5: Compliance and Safety

Operating a professional business requires complying with local and national regulations governing the production and sales of organic soap. Be well-versed in labelling prerequisites, ingredient disclosure, and safety protocol to build trust with your customers.

Step 6: Branding and Packaging

Your brand’s identity should echo your commitment to organic and eco-friendly practices. Design an appealing logo, eye-catching labels , choose a colour palette that resonates with your brand and create a compelling brand story that connects with your target audience and environmentally-conscious packaging that will make your products stand out on the market

Product photography

it’s not just about creating a high-quality product, but also about presenting it in the best possible way. but also investing time and care into creating appealing product images for online presentation. The quality of your product and how it’s visually presented online are both crucial factors in building a successful online business and they contribute significantly to the overall impression of your brand

things to be considered before the photography

Choose either a plain or a contrasting background to emphasize the soap’s finer details

create a 360° video of your soap to give your customers a more comprehensive view, if necessary.

Experiment with various angles to discover the most attractive way to capture your soap images

Prior to taking your photos, ensure your lighting setup is optimal

Ensure that your organic soap and label are clearly seen in your photos

Product descriptions

Accurate and detailed product descriptions are useful and give clarity to  buyers about what they’re purchasing, reducing surprises common in online shopping. They aid informed decisions and prevent conflicts later.

Accurate and detailed product descriptions are invaluable in offering clarity to buyers and guiding them in making well-informed decisions about their purchases. They serve to minimize the typical surprises that come with online shopping and play a vital role in both reducing potential future disputes and the rate of product returns. As a result, they contribute to cost savings and time efficiency for online business

product descriptions are essential for both marketing efforts and SEO strategiesProduct descriptions serve both SEO and marketing purposes. A well-crafted description can convince customers to buy.

Include important details in your descriptions, and avoid unnecessary information that might confuse customers or lead to issues based on feedback later.

When writing descriptions, focus on the essential details and avoid unnecessary information that might confuse customers and affects the product later on based on the feedback

Online sales differ from physical stores as buyers can’t physically examine items. This is where product descriptions play a crucial role.

Incorporate your scents and personalise your organic soap

Introducing your exquisite handcrafted soap, meticulously crafted with the finest natural ingredients. And Experience the captivating fusion of Lavender and Bergamot oils that not only invigorate your senses but also nourish and protect your skin with powerful antioxidants, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and glowing with a healthy radiance.

Formulated with premium natural components, this soap is gentle and suitable for all skin types. The revitalising blend of Rosemary and Mint essential oils provides an instant mood boost. With a base of Saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it ensures a mild and gentle cleanse.

Customise your organic soap with scents and essential oils that are uniquely yours.

You can personalise the sensory experience of using your soap to cater to your own preference or the preference of your target adding the fragrances that resonate with you or your target customers, creating a unique and personalised olfactory journey with your soap

Whether you desire the soothing notes of lavender, the refreshing aroma of citrus, or any other scent that resonates with your senses, personalising your organic soap ensures a one-of-a-kind bathing experience that suits your individual tastes and needs 

Put in the finishing touches

Your organic soap creation is reaching its exquisite final form

Allow the soap to set and firm up before proceeding with the final layer, ensuring a flawless finish.

Enhance the visual appeal with any remaining decorative elements, such as dried flower petals or natural exfoliants.

Trim the soap to your preferred size, make sure it’s ready for a luxurious bathing experience.”

When setting the price for your organic soap, consider all the expenses, including those that vary depending on the quantity of soap produced, as well as fixed costs like ingredient expenses, labour charges, rent, electricity, marketing, packaging, and shipping. This comprehensive approach will help you determine the total cost of your product accurately

Step 7: Build Your Online Store

There are 3 options you have to sell your organic soap online

A traditional physical store, while a valid avenue for selling organic soap, does indeed have its drawbacks including limited reach, substantial operating costs, and potentially lower visibility compared to other sales channels

Marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon etc. and social media come with a dedicated audience and a selling system in place, but your business won’t stand out on an already densely populated platform and the chances of building a brand identity is negligible.

Ecommerce store builders offer all the essential features for creating an online store and establishing your own brand. When selecting an ecommerce platform to build your online store,

dSPEEDUp, an outstanding eCommerce platform, empowers you to take your business online in just ten minutes. It streamlines the process of establishing an online presence, ensuring accessibility even for those without prior technical expertise. With a dedicated account manager and comprehensive support, it provides all the necessary tools for a successful and seamless launch of your online store. The platform offers a wide range of advanced eCommerce features to enhance your online business.

Step 8: Marketing and Promotion

Promoting your product across various social media platforms, content creation and email marketing  and news channels to reach a wider audience. This multi-channel approach ensures wider reach and visibility among your target audience.

Collaborate with  affiliate partners and  influencers and participating in eco-conscious events or markets to boost your brands visibility

Step 9: Providing Exceptional Customer Service

A thriving business is built on satisfied customers. Offer excellent customer support, respond promptly to inquiries, and use feedback to improve your products. Ensure timely delivery and consistent quality to build trust and loyalty

Why sell organic soap online

Selling organic soap online can be a lucrative venture due to its flexibility, wider market reach, and cost-effectiveness making it an attractive option for both established businesses and entrepreneurs.

digitally speedup your business with dSPEEDUp!

Install the dSPEEDUp website today to team up with creators, display your products, engage with customers, boost your sales, and efficiently track your online store’s performance—all through the user-friendly dSPEEDUp admin panel.”

The trend  has paved the way for a wave of innovative products, particularly in the realm of chemical-free soaps, captivating individuals worldwide. According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, this trend is set to reshape the organic soap market significantly [source:].

—-“Nourish your skin: Nature’s gift in every drop of organic soap”

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